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Blogit - A Rails blogging solution

Blogit lets you add a blog to your Ruby on Rails application in just a few seconds.

Instant gratification

Add this to your Gemfile

gem "blogit"

...and run bundle install to install the gem.

Next, run:

# add an initializer to config/initializers with all of the configuration options
$ rails g blogit:install
# This will add the necessary migrations to your app's db/migrate directory
rake blogit:install:migrations
# This will run any pending migrations
rake db:migrate

then add the following to your routes.rb file:

# config/routes.rb
mount Blogit::Engine => "/blog"

Finally, declare which of your models acts as blogger in your app (probably User or Admin).

class User




Running rails g blogit:install will add an initializer file named blogit.rb. In here you can set various configuration options. Please read the documentation for a full list of the options available.

Batteries included

Blogit provides you with the following features


If you discover a problem with Blogit, please let us know about it.

Remember to search the issues list first in case your issue has already been raised by another Githuber


Full documentation is available here:


You're welcome to contribute to Blogit. Please consult the contribution guidelines for more info.

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