Blogit How-Tos

Override a blogit controller action with your own controller

Every blogit controller action responds to being passed a block.

This makes it super-easy to subclass the controllers and add some of your own behaviour, keeping everything else just the way it is.

Example: Updating :last_viewed_at when a Post is viewed

class PostsController < Blogit::PostsController

  def show
    super do |post|


Add a CSS theme to your application

We're starting to support out-of-the box themes for blogit to make it even easier for you to get started.

Installing a theme

Themes are bundled into the app as CSS/SASS files. To include one, simply add the following to your CSS manifest file:

/* application.css */
@import "blogit/themes/[theme name]"

You can browse the currently available list of themes here:

Adding your own theme

We'd really appreciate if developers want to add their own theme to blogit. To do so, create a new directory withing the themes directory and structure it like so:

  /base   # variables for colours, fonts, etc. and general HTML styles go in here
  /blocks # Define BEM-style CSS blocks in here

Once your happy with the theme, submit a pull-request to request a merge with master. For more information, please read the Contribution guidelines.